• 27 Feb – 2 March 2017
    Jeddah Center for Forums and Events
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Under the patronage of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

The 14th edition of the Saudi Plastics and Petrochemicals

Set to launch under the patronage of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the 14th edition of the Saudi Plastics and Petrochemicals and the Saudi Plastics and Petrochemicals brings together industry professionals from around the Kingdom, the region and the world. The leading events keep pace with the growth of the packaging, printing, plastics, and petrochemicals industries in the Kingdom and present a unique opportunity for attendees to advance the growth and development of these sectors and increase their contribution to the national economy.
The exhibitions aim to increase awareness of sustainability as an important industrial concept that, through the optimal use of natural resources, play a major role in protecting the future of subsequent generations.

The exhibitions showcase the latest technologies in the printing, packaging, plastic and petrochemical sectors, which continue to draw government support and recognition of the major role they play in diversifying the country’s sources of income and driving the national economy forward.

Saudi Plastics and Petrochemicals

The 14h edition of the Saudi Plastics and Petrochemicals is strategically held amidst the rapid growth and development of the plastics and petrochemicals sectors in Saudi Arabia, thus adding to its leading position and unrivalled media exposure.

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